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Finding effective tools that foster a love for learning among 7-10 year olds can be a tall order. Finding tools that are safe and reinforce your beliefs may seem nearly impossible.That’s why we’ve completely re-envisioned WORLDkids.

With the new theme “let’s go exploring,” Worldkids will deliver fun and engaging materials—digitally and in print—that we believe will capture your child’s imagination. Your child will have fun learning, while the truth is reinforced in ways that encourage the pursuit of the kind of life God intends.

WORLDkids’ Three Hallmarks:

  • Engaging- Using today’s technology, WORLDkids will prompt your child to explore the world through compelling videos, interactive games, informative maps, and stimulating puzzles. With brilliant color, sound, and animation, we’ll strive to make every WORLDkids interaction an enjoyable journey of discovery.
  • Enlightening– With a storytelling approach, WORLD kids will use captivating narratives to guide your child in the discovery of life, expanding horizons and introducing important ideas and educational concepts, while always reinforcing the things that matter most.
  • Safe– In today’s world safety is always a concern, so please rest assured WORLDkids will be a safe and secure place for your child to play, learn and explore.

How It Works In Print

WORLDkids colorful new magazines will be delivered every other month during the school year, providing five content-rich issues worthy to save and share all year long. WORLDkids magazines will complement lessons from school and home, and print stories will be cross-referenced with related digital content, so your child can dig deeper online.

How It Works in Digital
The all-new WORLDkids website, along with its mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, will make use of the most effective digital learning tools available. With weekly updates your child will always find new and interesting activities, assuring you that their time online is not fruitless. And we trust the formats will be familiar to your children, because they’re smartphone and tablet compatible.

Weekly emails

WORLDkids will send weekly emails highlighting new topics and providing links to start your child on a new path of discovery each week. These emails will also cross-reference magazine stories and digital updates, simplifying your navigation to the content you value most.

Let’s go exploring

We recognize that the years between 7 and 10 are when a learning explosion occurs in most children, making these critically formative years an important time in your child’s life. That’s why we’re committed to coming alongside you, providing a fun-filled path to learning that’s marked by excellence, reinforcing God’s truth in their lives. In short, we’ll help your child discover the world’s Creator.

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