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Your family-favorite current events resource just got a brand new look.


WORLDkids is a unique Christian current events program for children ages 7-10. Story by story, children learn to read news accounts and other information critically, to sift for the truth, and to relate knowledge and biblical wisdom to daily life.

WORLDkids consists of a print magazine delivered every other month and a website that features more timely stories than the magazine, plus photo slideshows, and interactive content. Current events are divided into six major topic areas. WORLDkids editors cover each topic from several perspectives, using different stories, graphics, and an online interactive activity. Quizzes following each topic test reading comprehension and increase children’s vocabulary.

The structure of the magazines and website allow you to pace current events study to keep children engaged without overwhelming them. The recommended schedule is to read and discuss the daily news story online, and gradually cover each topic’s stories, online interactive activity, and quiz over one week—just a little each day. As a handy reminder, you’ll receive a weekly email that prompts you about that week’s topic and provides quick links to the online content. The WORLDkids Teaching Guide that accompanies each new issue provides tips and recommendations for teaching current events, reading and vocabulary quizzes, plus printable worksheets to make your current events study more effective.

Unlike other news sources—even those for children—WORLDkids editors thoughtfully integrate a biblical perspective in current events, with clear references to what scripture says. WORLDkids provides a fun-filled path to learning about the world while reinforcing that God is in control and active throughout His creation.



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