New Gerber Baby

Posted: February 27, 2019

Gerber officials make an announcement: They have found their next spokesbaby!

Of course, she can’t actually talk much. She’s still a baby! But one-year-old Kairi Yang’s face says it all. Gerber officials say she has “the look of wonder in her eyes.”

Kairi was born to a Hmong immigrant family in North Carolina. Most Hmong people live in out-of-the-way mountain villages in countries in Southeast Asia. Many Hmong people have moved to the United States. That’s what Kairi’s family did.

Kairi is the ninth Gerber spokesbaby to be chosen. Last year, Gerber officials chose the first spokesbaby with Down syndrome. His name is Lucas Warren. The very first Gerber baby was Ann Turner Cook. Her family didn’t submit a photo to Gerber. They submitted a charcoal drawing of Ann. That was in 1928. Now Ann is 91 years old! You would probably recognize Ann’s baby face. The image became Gerber’s official trademark in 1931.

This year’s spokesbaby contest had the most entries ever—544,000. The Gerber Company will use Kairi’s photos on social media. Her family will also receive $50,000.

 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. ― Psalm 127:3

Kairi Yang from Hickory, North Carolina (Yang Family/Gerber via AP)